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Minnesota NORML

Welcome to the home page of our Minnesota NORML website.

Our Mission…

To repeal Prohibition laws; so responsible adult marijuana users no longer suffer criminal penalty.

Would you like to join us?

Minnesota NORML members & friends

Minnesota NORML monthly meetings

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Join our members as we continue to work on building a popular movement to legalize cannabis for adults.

We are organizing our activist network throughout the State of Minnesota, across the political spectrum, and to consumers and non-consumers alike.

Minnesotans who responsibly use cannabis deserve, at minimum, equal rights to cannabis as to beer and wine. This includes your right to grow cannabis in your home; just like your right to brew beer and wine at home.

And those of us who don’t enjoy marijuana, should not have to pay the costs in blood and treasure of the Prohibition laws. We should not have to pay for misdirected law enforcement and incarceration. And we should not have to put up with the violent crime these laws create.

How soon will marijuana be legalized?

At Minnesota NORML we often hear people ask “how soon will marijuana be fully legalized?” And we hate to burst that thought bubble, but full legalization is not inevitable. If only democracy was that easy!

So what is the answer?

“That depends. How soon will you get involved. How soon will you put your money and volunteer time, towards making it happen?”

Because the truth is, we can do it.

We have earned advantages; a supermajority of public support for full legalization.

Organizing the majority

But we need more than soft support for our Liberty issue. We need you to get involved, get active, and join us via Minnesota NORML. Have fun, and do things to get legalization in Minnesota.

We can organize the entire state of Minnesota, right down to the Senate District and County level.

And we can develop leadership in everyone who support our common cause.

Be a Member of Minnesota NORML: Strength in Numbers

That is what we are doing at Minnesota NORML.

Won’t you join us? Go to our join page to become a member!

Help us plan the next event…

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