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Officers & Directors

Minnesota NORML is a Minnesota non-profit corporation. And the IRS recognizes it as a 501(c)(4) organization. So, donations to Minnesota NORML are not tax-deductible (though few itemize any more; most choose the new standard deduction.) And so Minnesota NORML is free to engage in unlimited lobbying related to our organization’s exempt purpose: marijuana legalization. Our Bylaws create a Board of Directors to manage Minnesota NORML; and to appoint an Executive Director and other executive officers.

  • Non-partisan
  • Issue advocacy
  • Consumer protection
  • Education
  • Grassroots organizing

Minnesota NORML is the official statewide affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). And NORML, founded in 1970 in Washington, D.C., is the oldest civil rights organization advocating legalization. NORML now has dozens of Chapters all over the USA, Canada, and Europe.

NORML: Growing Grassroots Advocacy since 1970. MinnNORML Board
NORML: Growing Grassroots Advocacy since 1970.

Here are the people serving as Executive Director and as Directors on the Board of Minnesota NORML.

Executive Officers

Minnesota NORML Executive Director:  Charles Michael Ford

Executive Director: Charles Michael Ford,

Saint Paul

The Executive Director manages the application of the broader policies and goals set by the Board.

Board of Directors

Board Officers

Pat Bradley, Minnesota NORML Board

Chair: Pat Bradley,

Apple Valley

The Board Chair sets up Board Meetings and helps lead the Board.

Alisha George, Minnesota NORML

Vice-Chair: Alisha George


The Vice-Chair assists the Board Chair and acts as Chair as needed.

Bridgette Bethke Pinder

Treasurer: Bridgette Bethke Pinder,


The Board Treasurer manages the financial accounts and records of the non-profit, with bookkeeping assistance.




The Secretary records official actions of the Board, and sometimes more.

Other Board Members

Camille Black, Minnesota NORML Board

Camille Black,


Marty Super, Minnesota NORML Board

Marty Super,


Tom Gallagher, Minnesota NORML Board

Thomas C Gallagher, Attorney



Anthony Newby,

Saint Paul

Cannabis: legal for Millenia, ancient Egypt.  Minn NORML Board.
Cannabis: legal for Millenia

Full Legalization depends upon you

Minnesota NORML invites you to join the push for freedom in Minnesota. And you have many ways open to you, to become a part of this movement.

Join as a dues paying member. Your financial support builds organizing power. After all, we need to organize the majority of people in Minnesota; who already support legalization in principle. So become a Minnesota NORML member on our Join MinnNORML page.

Attend our in person events throughout the year. And now, attend our virtual, online events. Minnesota NORML events are a combination of educational, social and political opportunities. So with our events, we seek to inform, organize and unify all of the people of Minnesota.

Media contacts: Direct requests for comment on news to our Executive Director or one of our Board of Directors, above.