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About MinnNORML

Established on January 24, 2011, Minnesota NORML (MinnNORML) is a nonprofit corporation affiliated with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). NORML has been so successful, that there are now more than 135 chapters around the world. Founder Keith Stroup started what we now call National NORML, in Washington, D.C. in 1970.

Minnesota NORML provides opportunities for people to support and volunteer for legalization in Minnesota. The Board of Directors & Executive Director work to provide infrastructure and help for individual activists throughout Minnesota.

MinnNORML promotes:

  • Better understanding of the current marijuana laws in the Minnesota and the United States;
  • The civil liberty, medical, legal, environmental, civil rights, racial justice, and economic reasons for repealing prohibition-era laws;
  • Non-partisan grassroots political organizing to educate voters about the issues; and about the candidates who support responsible use;
  • Lobbying the Minnesota legislature for laws respecting the responsible adult use of cannabis; so that they are no longer subject to criminal penalty.
  • Leadership development.

Thanks to the growing support in paid memberships and interest in volunteering, membership Minnesota NORML holds monthly meetings at various locations around the twin cities. And these meetings are open to the public. (Note that during the COVID response, we have temporarily suspended our in-person monthly member meetings. For now, we are meeting remotely online.)

You can subscribe to our MeetUp to stay informed on changes in Minnesota marijuana law, as well as monthly meeting and event times and places.

MinnNORML monthly member meeting

Minnesota NORML is really just a group of people, working for change. If you’re interested in making that change, we want you to band together with us. After all, we have strength in our numbers.

But people new to citizen-action sometimes don’t know where to get started.

When you think about leadership, many initially consider that a all-or-nothing trait. But with a deeper look, we can see that every person has at least some leadership qualities. And no matter how developed a person’s leadership skills are, we can develop them.

And this is a movement of individual leaders, all working towards a common goal. Minnesota NORML wants to help everyone lead this movement. This includes opportunities for involvement, and leadership training.

Join us at the Minnesota State Fair every August to host the booth or just stop by and say hi!
Minnesota NORML at the Minnesota State Fair