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Medical Cannabis Bills in 2021 Minnesota Legislature

    Many Bills are now pending in the 2021 Minnesota legislature. But here we’ll focus on the medical cannabis reform bills.

    We identify the Bills as either Senate File (“SF”) or House File (“HF”) followed by the Bill number. And we provide a brief description. This can help you as you communicate with your legislators. Find out who represents you here: Who Represents Me?

    Civil Rights

    HF 435: Provides that a person may not be denied the right to purchase, possess, or carry a firearm solely due to being an enrolled medical cannabis patient. Introduced by Rep. Munson, this would help protect the Second Amendment Rights of lawful medical cannabis patients, similar to patients with prescription medications.

    HF 907: A bill modifying requirements for the medical cannabis program; authorizing civil remedies; establishing an affirmative defense to criminal charges for medical patients.

    HF 1020: Provides that a person under correctional supervision may participate in the medical cannabis program without facing sanctions. This would protect the rights of medical patients on probation and parole.

    Recognition of Current Medical Use

    HF 675 & HF 1023: Requires the commissioner of health to apply for a federal Schedule I exemption for medical cannabis; and reclassifies marijuana and non-synthetic THC from a Schedule I to a Schedule II controlled substance under Minnesota law. Schedule 1 drugs should have “no currently accepted medical use.”

    Moving marijuana and non-synthetic THC to Schedule 2 would recognize that cannabis does have currently accepted medical uses, unquestionably.

    Access for All – Raw Flower

    HF 813 & SF 803: These bills would modify the medical cannabis program; allowing combustion of dried raw cannabis by patients age 21 or older. Minnesota’s is the only state medical cannabis law that does not allow raw cannabis for lawful patient use.

    Since most medical cannabis patients in Minnesota are sick and disabled, this change would make their medicine more affordable, at a much lower cost. The fact that insurance does not cover the cost of cannabis medicine makes this issue an urgent one for those suffering under the current law.

    Qualifying Conditions – Hemp

    HF 1284 & SF 1055: Add opiate addiction as a qualifying medical condition for participation in the medical cannabis registry program.

    SF 1179: A bill that modifies the operation of the medical cannabis program; adds hemp processor provisions, and provides for distribution to recipients in motor vehicles.


    More to Come – Medical Cannabis Bills

    We understand that more bills on medical cannabis reform are coming this session. One may relate to extending the COVID rules lowering barriers to patient access to Minnesota Statutes.

    See our article: Our 2021 Minnesota Legislative Agenda < Minnesota NORML